Learn by playing

We provide educational computer games and installations for children to learn English.
Using game-based learning we give children the ways and means to get ahead and to learn while playing.

Our mission and goals

logo Grackle

Serious games for playful children

Grackle is a set of educational games to learn English. Children from 6 years until 12 years old learn to read, type and listen to English. Grackle will teach children how to use a computer and how to search on the web by themselves.

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logo Nicotopia

Educational playground

Noplica is an outside interactive playground installation where toddlers of the age of 2 to 6 years old will learn the basics of English by moving, playing and stimulating their senses.

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Projects and Partners

We are helping thousands of children who would otherwise have no access to learning materials or teachers by having them use our products. Take a look at our current projects and the partners we work with.

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